In-depth expertise in geographic information systems, spatial analysis and modelling, with a focus on ecological systems (habitat suitability, dispersal, land use and climate change modeling).

Expert in R: coding, package building and data presentation (including maps), and 3D graphics.

Expert in ecological field work, especially with herpetofauna, and in remote locations and difficult conditions.

Experienced in classic and geometric morphometrics.

Experienced in freshwater ecology; macroinvertebrate taxonomy; birds-, mammals-, dragonflies- and butterflies- field techniques.

Published wildlife photographer.


R package Biolinv

Modelling biological invasions with regard to anthropogenic dispersal.



Butikofer, L.; Mangiacotti, M.; Sacchi, R.; Ji, W. (2019). Climate migrants’ survival threatened by “C” shaped anthropic barriers. Integrative Zoology.

Butikofer, L.; Jones, B.; Sacchi, R.; Mangiacotti, M.; Ji, W. (2018). A new method for modelling biological invasions from early spread data accounting for anthropic dispersal. PLOS ONE.

Butikofer, L.; Sacchi, R.; Pupin, F.; Pellitteri-Rosa, D.; Razzetti, E.; Pella, F.; Fasola, M; (2013). Sexual dimorphism and allometry of the lacertid Mesalina balfouri (BLANFORD, 1881), endemic to the Archipelago of Socotra (Yemen). Herpetozoa.

Razzetti, E.; Sindaco, R.; Grieco, C.; Pella, F.; Ziliani, U.; Pupin, F.; Riservato, E.; Pellitteri-Rosa, D.; Butikofer, L.; Suleiman, A.S.; Al-Aseily, B.A.; Carugati, C.; Boncompagni, E.; Fasola, M. (2010). The herpetofauna of the socotran archipelago, Yemen (Reprilia). Zootaxa.

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Sir David Attenborough narrating over my photograph of a Toad's nuptial pad

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Sir David Attenborough narrating over my photograph of a Toad's nuptial pad


Currently based in London, UK.