– For mac, it involves basic Terminal coding –

Friends, I just up this website on a self-hosted platform and am about to publish this post with ‘one click’ straight from IA Writer – my text editor. All this took me 1) one day, 2) next to no experience at all, 3) about $10.- for IA Writer and about $10.- for setting up my new domain on and I wanna share with you how to replicate this.

These guys provide you with a bare-to-the-bone platform to set up and host your internet domain. There is a fix fee to purchase your domain (like everywhere else) which depends on the extension you choose and they have heaps among which to pick one. Once your domain is chosen (real fast) you will pay based on your usage – more traffic, higher fee – which makes is the best option ever to start anything as chances are your traffic is gonna be pretty low for quite a bit.

I like their user interface as it has a clean, simple design that doesn’t look pretentious; their help pages are accurate and to the point; their prices are transparent (without hidden costs).

Once you register with them you’ll have access to their private navigation area and you’ll be allowed to set up a domain (just follow their simple directions). They have a registered users page (go to ‘support > wordpress’) describing you how to set up a website on their platform. Since I use a mac, I did this mostly on Terminal. No big deal, you just need to know the commands for navigating folders and the command ‘ssh’ for connecting securely to your URL (your new domain). For the rest of the process you can copy and paste the code provided by the help page into your terminal and press enter, you’ll be done before you known : )

If your aim is to set up a blog, I’d suggest you set up your wordpress on your root folder (‘/home/public’) rather then on a ‘blog’ folder (‘/home/public/blog’) unless you want to code the homepage of your website outside WordPress.

Once you finish installing WordPress on your domain (do the steps till ‘Enable file uploading’) you can access your Dashboard by adding ‘/wp-admin’ to your URL. Use the dashboard to choose a theme and edit the look of your website.

IA Writer

IA Writer is a minimal, well designed , clever text editor that lets you focus on content rather than look. Give it a try if you haven’t already – it’s free for android and costs 10 otherwise – and can be used to upload your documents to your blog in ‘one click’ (I believe they are actually three). The only gotcha is that you need to 1) set up a account (notice ‘.com’ extension, it makes for a whole different thing!). Do that, it’s free and real fast. 2) install Jetpack plug-in on your, you do that by going with Terminal to the WordPress installation folder (on your domain), copying the following code and press ‘enter’.

wp plugin install [jetpack]

(You can also install it from the Dashboard.)

Jetpack brings ‘the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress’, so you need to connect the two: go to the plug-in section in your Dashboard and click on Jetpack. Log-in to your account if it asks, otherwise it does it all automatically.

Cool, now you’re all set up! write your blog post on IA Writer and send it straight to your blog (the first time it may require you to specify the address of your blog):

Post to Medium from iA Inc. on Vimeo.


Just one last thing. If you wanna upload images in your post you need to first have them uploaded somewhere online, like on your Dasboard > Media for example. Just grab the image link and add it to your IA Writer file!




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